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Our Goals

  • Disseminating the Arabic language and expanding the fields of dealing with it.
  • Presenting all information concerning Arabic instruction in a modern, interesting way that is both enjoyable and stimulating for students by using the most modern teaching materials which assist in teaching the language’s systems.
  • Benefitting from new studies in the field of teaching Arabic for foreigners, and especially those designed for correcting students’ mistakes.
  • Following a pre-prepared teaching plan for the development of linguistic skills and their components (phonetics, vocabulary, and expressions).

Our vision

  • Helping students progress in Arabic and acquire proficiency by mastering the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Concentrating on students’ interaction and participation in the educational process in order to help them correct their spoken and written mistakes.
  • Presenting a program which develops students’ vocabulary by using images and voices taken from everyday life.
  • Studying and analyzing the differences between the Arabic systems and the student’s language, as well as the influence of the mother tongue on learning Arabic.
  • Simplifying, taking into consideration and concentrating on the difficulties of the Arabic language.

The learning environment

  • Creating a study environment for training listening and conversational skills by communicating in Arabic and by developing abilities for communication both inside and outside the center.
  • Sizing the study groups by taking into account the individual differences between students, whether these are linguistic differences or non-linguistic differences.